Butters to Boston. Ugh.

Well this is annoying.  According to various published reports, Brian Butterfield has left the Blue Jays to become the third base coach for the Boston Red Sox.  By all accounts, Butterfield was extremely well-liked and respected in the organization, and is regarded as one of the better infield instructors in baseball.

I would argue his departure is more of a blow than Farrell’s.  Farrell had been with the team 2 years, guided them to a 154-170 record, is still cutting his teeth as a manager and was publicly ridiculed by Omar Vizquel at the end of the season.  Butterfield had been with the team since 2003, was reportedly behind the aggressive infield shifts the Jays were employing this season, and countless players raved about his teachings and how he helped them improve their defensive abilities.

I refuse to read any of the local Boston reports on this one, as they’ll no doubt drill on about how this is Butterfield’s “dream job”, how he lives only a 2 hour drive away from Boston and no doubt ponder the question of why anyone would want to work for a second-rate organization (Toronto) when they could work for a legendary one (Boston).  Actually, I’m pretty sure some members of the Toronto media will write the same thing.  Most insufferable hashtag ever.

This just makes me hate the Red Sox even more.



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